Periodically, MPAEA publishes a newsletter with information on events, conferences, success stories, updates and more from member states.  Anyone can contribute to the MPAEA newsletter and all are encouraged to share what is happening from the classroom to the state level.  Submissions and photos for the newsletter are taken at

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As of the 2020/21 Academic year, the Mountain Plains Adult Education Association (MPAEA) Board has decided to suspend the Journal of Adult Education.  Below is a description of its purpose as well as requirements for author submissions.  Please see the link below to enjoy previous volumes of the journal.

The Journal of Adult Education was a refereed journal intended to service as a voice for the translation of theory into practice. MPAEA is a professional association dedicated to the application of theory to practice in the learning-teaching transaction for adults. Authors are encouraged to submit clearly written research articles, technique manuscripts, and book reviews which have the potential of stimulating thought, discussion, and inquiry. The criteria for evaluating manuscripts will be based upon: (a) potential contribution to the improvement and/or understanding of practice, (b) clarity of purpose, (c) logical relationship to conceptual base, (d) writing style, (e) general scholarship, (f) strength of conclusions, (g) implications for practice, and (h) adherence to submission guidelines. Use link below for more information and submission protocol. 


Past Journals

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